Quantum Field Theory

Disclaimer: This section probably contains many errors. Use at your own risk!

Quantum Field Theory is sometimes referred to as the most accurate theory ever created. Its predictions are always as consistent with the standard model of particle physics as could be expected. It seems that every physics student would love to understand how this theory works.

Unfortunately, when you begin to study quantum field theory, you very quickly feel completely lost. At first you assume it is your own fault for not being smart enough to learn this advanced material. Many students continue assuming this until they are fully convinced that it is true. But if you read enough of the literature on the subject you will find that literally nobody understands it properly. It is not like quantum mechanics. At least in quantum mechanics the crazy assumptions are clearly laid out at some point. With quantum field theory, it seems nobody can even answer simple questions like "What is the field?" and "Where are the particles?"

This paper is our attempt to answer some of these basic questions in the context of the quantum field theory of spinless particles in the absence of interactions. This is a draft and we make no claims as to its correctness. At this point we just want to release it so that others can help us find our errors and expand on the ideas.

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What the Fuck is Quantum Field Theory?

Source Materials

The paper above is the summary of a six month two-person "independent study" of Quantum Field Theory. Below are the materials that were created during the independent study.

Winter 2008
  1. Quantum Electrodynamics
  2. QED Uniqueness
  3. QFT Field
  4. Ehrenfest's Theorem
  5. Clebsch-Gordon
  6. Group Theory
  7. Kronecker Product
  8. Commutators in Lie Groups
  9. Why is Spin SU(2)?
  10. Schrodinger Functional
Spring 2008
  1. Universal Field
  2. Formulations of QFT
  3. Ground State Part 2
  4. Complex Oscillators
  5. Complex Partial Derivatives
  6. Convolution Formulas
  7. Field Energy
  8. Worked on summary paper
  9. Worked on summary paper
  10. Worked on summary paper